Our Services

Locally-owned and operated, NatureScapes provides landscaping services to commercial and multi-family properties in 19 metro Atlanta counties. We specialize and employ experts in landscape maintenance, landscape design, seasonal color, enhancements, tree and shrub care, turf maintenance, and irrigation.

Grounds Maintenance

Landscape MaintenanceMaintaining your outdoor environment is the focus of what we do at NatureScapes. All of our remaining services revolve around caring for your landscape. Our service model is Season-Driven. While we structure our services based on the calendar, our services are tailored to the prevailing conditions of each season. Our award-winning staff provides the right service at the right time- with your input. We provide what the plants need so that your property has the look that you desire. The result: a healthy landscape, a welcoming outdoor environment, and value.

Landscape Design

Landscape DesignWhen the scope of landscape work needed on your property goes beyond a simple enhancement, a more elaborate design may be called for.  Our design team can review and re-design sections of your common grounds or your entire amenity area if that is what is called for.  From patios and walkways to waterfalls and outdoor kitchens, NatureScapes can design the project and bring it to life!

Many of our design projects are provided as a value-added service to our maintenance clientele.  The fees for other designs are often refunded based on implementation of a portion or the complete design by our installation staff.

The Sizzle of Seasonal Color!

Seasonal ColorNatureScapes’ seasonal color program provides you with a unique signature that sets your property apart from the rest.  See what Shelley Threefoot Cowan and the NatureScapes’ floricultural team did to enhance the marketing program and lease retention for a metro-Atlanta apartment complex. Lawn & Landscape Magazine Article: Follow the Color Brick Road, July 2012.

Annual color is the final touch in the landscape: it focuses the eye, soothes the senses, calms the heart.  Creative use of annual color and texture in the landscape has allowed NatureScapes to win over 50 awards for excellence in annual color display.  More important are the benefits delivered by excellent combinations of colorful flowers: an outward sign that says “Welcome!” to guests, an invitation to enjoy the outdoor environment, and an overwhelming sense of value!

Landscape Enhancements

Landscape EnhancementsLandscape Enhancements can range from property-wide projects to that tiny finishing touch or spot of color.  They can be used to solve problems, such as drainage issues, or create a new and useful space on the grounds.  Our staff has decades of experience in solving problems in the landscape, finding ways to better use the grounds you have, and providing inexpensive ways to make a colorful improvement that will enhance your property for years to come!

Ornamental Plant Pest Management

Tree & ShrubThe philosophy of the NatureScape’s approach on Tree & Shrub care centers around Integrated Pest Management:

  • spraying plants that are susceptible to pest attack in the dormant season with environmentally-friendly products that suppress pests without disrupting natural cycles or harming beneficial organisms
  • determining tolerable levels of certain pests on plants: populations that the plant can support without  affecting the appearance or health of the plants  
  • watching for unacceptably high levels of plant pest activity on plants, and targeting chemical applications to manage those
  • utilizing the latest technology in pest management products to do an effective job managing pests in a sustainable way
  • knowing the life cycles of the more common pests so that efforts to manage them are timely and precise
  • utilizing plant material in new plantings that is less susceptible to pest attack and properly sited and planted to insure good plant health: the best way to avoid pest problems in the first place!

Tree Assessment

Arbor EvaluationLook at this Kousa Dogwood.  Do you have one or more beautiful mature trees on your property?  Often such trees need extra care and nurturing to keep them healthy and prolong their life.  Our on-staff arborist, certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) can evaluate any tree of concern, or every tree on on your property, for tree health or potential problems. 

Under certain circumstances, this is a value-added service for our customers.  In instances where appeals to municipal arborists or extensive evaluations are requested, additional fees may be charged.  We can provide you with the peace-of-mind of knowing that you have done everything to protect the value that trees of all ages can provide to your grounds!

Turf Management

Turf ManagementProviding high quality turf as a compliment to the outdoor environment is a highly specialized science. Knowing this, NatureScapes created a sister company, Simply Green, to provide top-shelf products and properly-timed applications to insure the best possible lawn areas for the properties maintained by our company. Not only are applications accurately timed to maximize effectiveness in sync with the seasons: each Simply Green service vehicle is manned by an applicator licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. There are not many comparable service providers that can make that claim. All of the products used by NatureScapes and Simply Green are approved for use by the EPA and are safe for the environment. All fertilizers are technologically advanced slow-release to protect our streams and rivers. All products are properly diluted before they are applied at our state of the art mixing facility, where any excess diluted chemicals or cleaning water is recycled to keep these materials out of our drainage waters. All of our chemical programs reflect a serious sense of responsibility to the environment by both Simply Green and NatureScapes.

Simply Green Lawn Care Plus

Irrigation Upgrades

Irrigation UpgradesIrrigation systems are like fine automobiles: they make life easier and more pleasurable, but they are mechanical and, as such, require maintenance! Watering systems, possibly more than any other aspect of the landscape, become victims of deferred maintenance. This means that, when they are finally brought back to full operation, the expense in doing so is higher than it would have been had the system been maintained on a consistent basis.

With the rising cost of our water resources, it is more important than ever to maintain irrigation systems for:

  • repair of leaks and seepage
  • proper water pressure
  • proper configuration of zones
  • proper separation of zones so that each zone is watering plant material with like water requirements
  • proper and distribution of heads
  • addition of water-saving devices such as rain sensors and controllers that regulate the system based on the evapo-transpiration rate of target plants

While new irrigation technology is constantly being introduced, not all of it is applicable to every system. Our irrigation managers at NatureScapes can help you sort through the options to make your system operate like that fine automobile!