About Us

Who We Are

Locally owned and operated, NatureScapes is one of Atlanta’s top ten commercial landscape companies specializing in maintenance, irrigation and floriculture services for multi-family and commercial properties. Since 1983, NatureScapes has provided these services to properties in 19 counties in metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

Why Work with NatureScapes

NatureScapes is dedicated to increasing the value of its clients’ properties with each passing season, and its award-winning landscape design and maintenance teams provide a level of service that routinely exceeds customers' expectations.

Our Commitment to You

With more than 340 years of collective experience among its staff, NatureScapes’ industry knowledge and profound commitment to service result in long-lasting customer relationships. Our service model is based on four basic principles: communication, responsiveness, attention to detail, and innovation.

  • We listen to people and understand what they want to achieve with their real estate investments.
  • We support our customers with responsive service and attention to detail.
  • And we develop innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

This has been a winning solution for us for more than 30 years!

If you’re ready to look at your landscaping as an investment in value, we’re ready to help you. Contact us to find out how you can maximize your real estate investment with landscaping.

Core Values

Passion:  Love what you do, let it show in your actions, at work and play.
Proactive:  Do it before it needs to be done and before you are told.   Think ahead.
Continuous Improvement:  Never stop growing and learning.
Dependable:  Be there.  Put your customers, employees, and family first.  Be ever-present.
Pride:  Deliver award-winning quality.  Work and live as though everything you do is on display.
Responsible:  It's urgent.   Live and work as though there is no tomorrow.  Do it now.
Organize:  Make things neat -- your job, your life, your surroundings.
Perseverance:  Never give in.  Never quit.  No excuses, just results.
Integrity:  Do what is right and you will never be wrong.  Do what is right even if no one is watching.

Drug-Free Workplace

NatureScapes operates a drug-free workplace as certified by the State Board of Workers' Compensation.